Tips Cleaning makeup Brushes with Best cleaner@kinja - Hello! Today sisca( you can read her blog at ) will share a small tutorial to wash your brushes for sensitive skin . First, it is important to wash your brushes often (I do it 1 time per week). Why do you ask you (yes, you ask yourself the question); already to avoid the makeup residues precedents. And then to avoid diverse and varied dirt ( sebum , dead skin cells , bacteria and so on) that your brush has collected on your skin and it will not this make him if he is not cleaned.

Now that I told you about things not very appetizing, let the cleaning brushes (because that’s why we’re here!).

You need

  1. a bowl or a hand
  2. shampoo
  3. water
  4. paper towels
  5. glass
  6. your brushes

2 choices available to you

You have a huge collection of brushes (say more than twenty ), I advise you to use a bowl


You have 3-4 brushes , you can use your hand

For people aged between 4 and twenty brushes, I have no solution sorry (hahaha, ok I go out). In short you will have understood, to you to choose the method you like best

If you are using a bowl, mix some shampoo with the water in the bowl. And then comes clean ( rub ) your brushes in the mixture. We need your brushes soak in the mixture for 3 quarts or more to thoroughly clean all the hair.


If you are using a hand (yours I guess), do the same but with the bowl in your hand.

Once your brushes past the scrub box, comes the rinse . Pass the first under the warm water ; when the water becomes clear , they are well rinsed (I rub against the walls of the sink to rinse really well).

Passes the last time in the cold water to make the hairs keep their shiny .

Last step: the drying . You can start by pressing the hair gently in a towel or the towel to absorb most of the water. And then, to be sure that water does not remain in the brush hair, I advise you to put them to dry in a glass the head down (with a thickness of paper towels in the bottom to absorb water).


Here! And the next day you have brushes clean everything and feel very good (if your shampoo smells good, of course).

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